We take pride in our work and our customers thank us for that. Here are some of the kind words they have expressed regarding our grips and all custom works!

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I would like to share my experience with anyone considering using your product: I have large hands and found the original grips too small and uncomfortable. After much searching I found the ARTISAN website. I ordered a pair of the extended grips. The first pair did not fit well, and in my attempt to modify them I cracked one of the panels. When I called to order another pair not only would they not let me pay they purchased a new revolver, discovering that the frame had been changed by the manufacturer without notice. The new grips fit perfectly and are first class quality.
You can count on not only a great product, but honorable craftsmen standing behind their product.

Testimonial by: Glendon Pearce

Ethan, you are an incredibly gifted artist! I cannot believe how this turned out! I am 110% happy with the job, I am so bloody happy I ran into you. I hope you don’t mind but I do want to use you for more stuff, bear with me while I figure out what we are doing next, if you don’t mind helping me out some more. I will be taking way better pictures of my set and letting everyone know that you are the guy for a custom stock work.

Testimonial by: Sam Kereim

My name is Tammy and I am a fairly new sporting clays shooter. I hadn’t even shot a gun until about 3 years ago. I started with a Beretta 687 and then a Browning 725, both were great guns but then I had the pleasure of shooting a Zoli at the Gator Cup in Florida last year and I was amazed at how beautiful it swung for me and the recoil was nonexistent. I purchased one a few months ago and Artisan Stock and Gunworks, they also fit the gun to me. My scores went up immediately and I recently won my class at the Canadian Open and moved up a class. Ethan and Roger were absolutely the best guys to deal with for gun fit, you will never find two guys who care more about you being satisfied with your gun. I spent many hours at their shop making sure everything was perfect and that I was happy with my new gun. They can also do all the service work on my Zoli so I don’t have to travel to the US. They have made me a very happy girl and I can’t wait to make them proud by breaking many more targets with my Zoli.

Testimonial by: Tammy

Shooting has been my passion for many years, mainly trap shooting and over these years I’ve always struggled with a proper fitting gun. After buying numerous different gun stocks and thousands of dollars later I was still never able to find one that fit just right. Then I heard from a few fellow shooters and friends about Roger and Ethan Stempski. That is when I decided to make an appointment to see them and get custom fit for a stock.

It took only a few visits to get everything just right and once we were all satisfied with the fit, the work on my custom stock began. The finished piece looks and feels amazing. It leaves me with a unique shotgun that fits me perfectly and has really improved my shooting. The compliments I receive on my gun are tremendous.

Roger and Ethan are both perfectionists when it comes to their work. They are dedicated to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied and will stop at nothing less. Their preciseness is priceless. They listen to what you envision and truly care about the work that they do.

They followed up with me when I started shooting my gun with the new stock, and they treated me as a friend right from the beginning. I am so happy with the results that I’m having another custom stock made for my other gun.

I highly recommend Artisan Stock and Gunworks to anyone who is considering having a custom stock made.

Thank you for everything!


Testimonial by: Armindo Cascao

Artisan Stock and Gun Works owned by Roger and Ethan Stempski imported a gun for me. When I arrived to pick up the gun, I was met with warm and professional greetings.
Ethan and I went to a trap club to fit the gun  and get the P O I set for me. This help and services was greatly appreciated.
Later I had a tour of their facility and saw some of their stocks and handgun grips they make. I was very impressed with their craftsmanship and the great detail that goes in to making these items.
I would recommend Artisan Stock and Gun Works for all your gun needs.

Testimonial by: Keith Saunders

I was very impressed with Roger and Ethan, from the time I met them through to the completion of the work done on my stock for the Beretta 692.

Customer satisfaction was a driving force throughout the fitting of my stock. I found the overall experience to be enjoyable and educational. It was evident their attention to detail, their depth of knowledge and their patience in producing a unique and quality product make Roger and Ethan leaders in their field.

The end goal of creating a custom stock tailored to the owner was achieved. No detail was overlooked and the results were beyond my expectations, both visually and functionally. I believe the custom fitting of my stock resulted in a shotgun that no longer hurt my face which led to improved scores. It goes without saying that Roger and Ethan are quality craftsmen who delivered a beautiful and artistic stock. I consider this money well spent and I wholly recommend Artisan Stock & Gunworks to anyone who is wanting a product that stands out and which you will own for a lifetime.

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Testimonial by: Frank Gaggi

I have been shooting for over 30 years and primarily a doubles shooter. Last year at the Southern Grand I had my biggest win with 8 trophies and even Harlan Campbell Jr. congratulated me and asked were I had my stock built. The knowledge that both Roger and Ethan have is so extensive they spotted a problem that I didn’t even know that I had and then they fixed it. The entire experience from the initial meeting to seeing how they fit me with my own prototype, picking my wood and accent pieces, shooting the prototype and then getting the finished stock. All of it was totally enjoyable. The amount of money I spent was undervalued for what I received. The felt recoil has been virtually eliminated and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I owe my better shooting skills to Artisan Stock and Gunworks.

Testimonial by: John Rowan

I was having trouble with the fit on my Beretta DT10. The President of the Galt Sportsman Club referred me to Artisan Stock and Gun Works in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

I met with Ethan and Roger Stemski. They showed me some of their work and I was impressed.

The process of choosing the wood, reviewing my somewhat awkward shooting style, taking numerous measurements, building and modifying a prototype took a few months. In all this time, they did not attempt to change the way I shoot. They built the prototype to fit me.

When we were all satisfied, work commenced on the real thing. The final result is fabulous – both in looks and scores.

I now have a beautiful looking gun that shoots like a dream with zero felt recoil and is wonderfully effective.

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Thanks Guys,

Keith J Osborne

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Testimonial by: Keith J. Osborne