Specialty Monogram on a Wood Grip

Specialty Monogram

At Artisan we select only top grade exotic woods and create hand made replacement grips for all types of guns.

Currently we have a variety of 1911 style grips and Ruger Vaquero, both new and old models, including our own designed extension grips.

All grips are hand made to the closest tolerances and come complete with all new screws and ferrules.

These exotic wood grips have been completely sealed on the back and coated with a unique rubberized finish on the front. This coating is a non-slip surface making the gun more controllable in your hand. It is not available on any other factory or aftermarket grip.

With the wide variety of colours and patterns in these exotic wood grips, we only put fine borders and patterns to accent the beauty of the wood and finish eliminating traditional type checkering, which is unnecessary.

Specialty monograms and logos can be added to further that true one of a kind custom grip.