Custom Stocks

We have an Inventory of highly figured woods:

  • Circassion Walnut
  • English Walnut
  • American Walnut
  • Bastogne Walnut
  • Claro Walnut
  • Maple
  • Tiger Myrtle
  • Seasoned for a minimum of 6 years.
    (Not kiln dried)
  • Over 40 varieties of exotic woods.

All Shooting Disciplines: Trap – Skeet – Sporting


Our process:

At Artisan we produce a one of a kind custom made and fit stock to each of the individuals physical attributes; including, hands, neck, stance, eyes, facial features, build, physic, and others. Every stock we build goes through a lengthy process of producing a full prototype on your own firearm not a try stock that is adjustable. This prototype has all of our proprietary bedding processes included in it. In addition we take a custom impression of your hand onto this prototype, so that the grip is yours and yours alone. This way your palm and hand is transferred over onto the finished stock.

After we and the customer are happy with the site picture we go the club to pattern for your point of impact and then you shoot so that we can see how you are breaking the targets. This prototype is yours to take home for a trial period and shoot before the good piece of wood is cut and finished.

We work in a 8,000 sq/ft shop were everything is completed on site, we do not ship anything out to third parties. We have learned from a world class and record holding master stock maker Doug Warren of Akron, Ohio. We fit the gun to you not you to the gun. The best analogy that puts it into perspective is “we do not copy your blue suit for a red suit, we make a custom tailored suit.”

Our custom stocks include:

  • Cast.
  • Offset Twist.
  • Palm swell/Glove Grip.
  • Pistol Grip includes, spacer and contoured grip (exotic wood) for trigger. finger pull, and ease on tendons.
  • Matching backspacer.
  • Length of pull.
  • Pitch and angle of shoulder for maximum contact.
  • Comb height, and Cast flow away from face.
  • Receiver, draw bolt and washer bedded to lesson recoil.
  • 100% wood to metal fit.
  • Two recoil pads – 1 inch summer, and ¾ inch winter.
  • Pads and stock equipped with quick change metal hardware.
  • All wood is completely sealed to prevent oil rotting.
  • Exterior Catalyzed Polymer with large amounts of Hydroxyl bonds wood. coatings applied. – (16 to 20 coats)
  • Two available finishes Gloss and Satin.
  • Customized checkering.
  • Forend (Artisan Style) designed for better hand control.
  • Forend bedded.
  • Modifications made on and off site.
  • Final fitting done at gun club, for fitting and targets shot.
  • All Work is ergonomically designed and made to fit you.
  • Wider and thicker stock for more surface area.
  • Thicker grip designed to flow away from recoil in hand.
  • All stocks are balanced in weight.

A one of a kind, handmade, hand fitted stock for you.

$4,300.00 plus the wood blank

(Everything included no additional fees).