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Artisan Stock and Gunworks is now the Canadian Distributor for Zoli Shotguns. We are proud to have this lineup of shotguns readily available to you!

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I would like to share my experience with anyone considering using your product: I have large hands and found the original grips too small and uncomfortable. After much searching I found the ARTISAN website. I ordered a pair of the extended grips. The first pair did not fit well, and in my attempt to modify them I cracked one of the panels. …Continue reading »

- Glendon Pearce

Ethan, you are an incredibly gifted artist! I cannot believe how this turned out! I am 110% happy with the job, I am so bloody happy I ran into you. I hope you don’t mind but I do want to use you for more stuff, bear with me while I figure out what we are doing next,…

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- Sam Kereim

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John Rowan of Ontario has been shooting registered targets since 1977. He took a Frank Little class in 1975. Just before the Southern Grand he took a Harlan Campbell Jr. clinic. "Harlan taught me how to use my eyes," he said. Amoung John's eight trophies was Tuesday's senior vet singles award for a perfect century. "I haven't broken a 100 in years," he said. "Now I have confidence." He scored a 98 in that day's handicap and again won the category award. He also took age-group accolades in the doubles class and championship with 98 and 97 and led HOA scoring in B class. "I was willing to make changes, and now I just enjoy shooting. I know I can do this, and it makes it fun." John credits Artisan Stock & Gunworks(Niagara Falls, ON) for the custom stock on his Perazzi DB81 combo.

John Rowan's Perazzi DB81 Combo John Rowan's Perazzi DB81 Combo Download the Original Article
John Rowan in the news