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Artisan Stock and Gunworks is now the Canadian Distributor for Zoli Shotguns. We are proud to have this lineup of shotguns readily available to you!

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My name is Tammy and I am a fairly new sporting clays shooter. I hadn’t even shot a gun until about 3 years ago. I started with a Beretta 687 and then a Browning 725, both were great guns but then I had the pleasure of shooting a Zoli at the Gator Cup in Florida last year and I was amazed at how beautiful it swung for me and the recoil was nonexistent….

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- Tammy

Shooting has been my passion for many years, mainly trap shooting and over these years I’ve always struggled with a proper fitting gun. After buying numerous different gun stocks and thousands of dollars later I was still never able to find one that fit just right. Then I heard from a few fellow shooters and friends about Roger and Ethan Stempski….

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- Armindo Cascao

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John Rowan of Ontario has been shooting registered targets since 1977. He took a Frank Little class in 1975. Just before the Southern Grand he took a Harlan Campbell Jr. clinic. "Harlan taught me how to use my eyes," he said. Amoung John's eight trophies was Tuesday's senior vet singles award for a perfect century. "I haven't broken a 100 in years," he said. "Now I have confidence." He scored a 98 in that day's handicap and again won the category award. He also took age-group accolades in the doubles class and championship with 98 and 97 and led HOA scoring in B class. "I was willing to make changes, and now I just enjoy shooting. I know I can do this, and it makes it fun." John credits Artisan Stock & Gunworks(Niagara Falls, ON) for the custom stock on his Perazzi DB81 combo.

John Rowan's Perazzi DB81 Combo John Rowan's Perazzi DB81 Combo Download the Original Article
John Rowan in the news